WPSL Central Playoff Preview

The #1 team in the country, Sioux Falls City FC, host the Central Region’s playoffs over the weekend.


(National Ranking/Regional Ranking)

#1/1 Sioux Falls City v FC Pride

Sioux Falls City’s Katharina Oelschlager leads the deepest and most prolific attack in the region, while Cambell Fischer has only conceded 1 goal as a starting goalie all season. On the other hand, FC Pride finished the season with a record of 6-1-4 (W-D-L), while scoring the same number of goals as the division’s top team, FC Dayton. Pride moved on to South Dakota with a road victory against the previously undefeated Lake Michigan Division winners FC Milwaukee Torrent.

#7/5 Colorado Pride v #15/7 Union KC

Colo Pride were a high-scoring winner of the Rockies Division of the Mountain Conference, knocking in 38. Bello Omowunmi, with 13 goals and Abby Stassi with 6, have been the biggest contributors. Union KC (8-1-1) won the Heartland Conference and thus a spot in the playoffs but are middle of the pack in scoring and in goal difference across the region.