NISA Independent Cup and field announced

Yesterday morning the National Independent Soccer Association announced the 2021 edition of the Independent Cup.This year with a much larger field than in 2020, which albeit was hampered by most clubs not playing due to COVID-19.

The 2020 tournament saw a total of 15 clubs split out across four regions. Those four regions played a single round robin tournament with the exception of the Central Plains region. Which consisted of clubs from the GCPL and UPSL in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It did not play a round robin format rather a knockout tournament format with a two game aggregate semi-final and single match final.

The Gulf Coast Premier League’s Gaffa FC were champions Central Plains Region, NISA’s Detroit City FC won the Great Lakes Region, the NPSL’s Maryland Bobcats FC took the Mid-Atlantic Region, and lastly NISA’s Chattanooga FC scored the Southeast Region title.

In 2021 a total of 36 clubs will be split among 9 regions, those being; the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New England, Pacific, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, and West Coast. Those regions will play a three match single round robin amongst themselves. There will be no follow up after the end of the round robin with only the regional champions being declared.

“The Independent Cup champions the independent spirit of open competition,” says NISA Executive Vice President Josh Prutch. “Over the last year, we have seen competition after competition get shut down. The Independent Cup gives these clubs more opportunities to compete, develop and succeed – and that is why we expanded the field for 2021.”

A total of eight clubs from the Dakotas to Ohio region we cover will take place in the 2021 Independent Cup. In the Midwest, NISA expansion side and new SeatGeek Stadium tenant Chicago House AC will be joined by the newly renamed FC Milwaukee Torrent from the NPSL’s Great Lakes conference, Rochester, MN’s Med City FC from the NPSL’s North Conference, and lastly the Midwest Premier League‘s Union Dubuque FC.

The Great Lakes Region will see a similar lineup with a NISA club joined by two National Premier Soccer League clubs and a MWPL side. Those being Detroit City FC (NISA), FC Buffalo (NPSL Rust Belt), Cleveland SC (NPSL Rust Belt), and Livonia City (MWPL East).

2021 NISA Independent Cup Regions and teams. | Credit, National independent Soccer Association

A schedule has not been announced for the tournament, however it will take place over July and August after most amateur leagues end their season.